TalkNVote Features

Main features

  • Organize voting on various issues
  • Select the voting participants
  • Define voting groups
  • Flag participants as "Voters" or "Discuss only"
  • Set voting deadlines
  • Access votings through individualized email links (fast & safe, skipping the login page)
  • Leave comments or participate in discussions
  • Stay up-to-day with other participants' comments via email digests
  • Vote on time via voting reminders
  • Get informed about the outcome of each voting via email notifications

User Group Features

  • System Administrator: Responsible for registering users to the system and also for setting the group each user belongs to. Self registration of users to the system is not allowed. System administrators have full access to the system and may use all the features.
  • Issue Initiator: Responsible for creating voting issues and selecting the participants (voters, or discuss only participants) for each issue. Issue Initiators may also vote and take part in discussions just like any Issue Voter.
  • Issue Voter: Allowed to vote on project issues and take part in discussions. IVs are also able to view their voting history and discussions. When a voting issue is created the Issue Initiator selects the actual Voters and may forbid some of the voters to Vote by tagging them as "Discuss Only Participants". There is no separate group for discuss only participants. It is a matter for each issue. Some users (that have been added to the IV group) are not allowed to vote for some issues. In this case they are tagged as Discuss Only Participants.

Voting Issue Features

  • Access votings through individualized email links. This option allows voters to skip the login page. Fast and safe.
  • Voting issues are initiated by Issue Initiators. The following options are available when working with the issues.
    • Set the voting options
    • Add attachment
    • Select participants to include in the voting/discussion
    • Save draft
    • Voting starts on
    • Voting ends on
    • Activate the voting (start sending voting emails to the selected participants)
  • Voting issues are accessed by Issue Voters, who can:
    • vote
    • change their votes before the end of the deadline
    • participate in discussions
    • view their voting history
    • view the overall discussion history
  • A digest of comments are sent out once a day by email (but there will be an option available for immediate post)